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    Focused on the planning, investment and real estate* needs for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners generating $2-50M annual revenue. Access your investments from anywhere using the latest mobile technology.

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Dan &
Simple Wealth

Dan Beech is a Wealth Manager and Real Estate Broker. In addition to his work for commercial real estate clients, with Innovation Partners, LLC, he works with clients designing custom solutions for closely held corporations, family owned businesses and the key executives that lead them.

Dan Beech got his start in finance when he was admitted to the University of Southern Alabama majoring in Finance and Accounting at age 16. Dan's business background of running his own successful firm, built from the ground up, means he has the expertise and knowledge to understand and serve your needs.

In 2008 Dan began his transition to the Financial Services industry beginning February 2013 in a very high net worth investment firm in Beverly Hills serving four billionaires and 75% of clients were $30-500M net worth individuals.

That expertise has evolved now to Innovation Partners LLC where he continues serving the unique needs of High Net Worth Clients. Dan lives in Oak Park California.

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