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Solutions for Business Owners

Employee Retirement
I need to set up or mange a retirement plan for my employees.
Tax Reduction
I need investments to reduce my taxes.
Custom Pension Plans
I need a custom, high net worth pension plan beyond a normal 401k.
Capital Gains Mitigation
I need solutions to shelter capital gains.
Partner Exits
I need a way to pay for losing or an exiting business partner.
Life Insurance Benefits
I need life insurance premiums with tax advantages to the business.
FDIC Protection
I need cash account FDIC protection beyond $250,000.
Self-Insure the Business
I want to self-insure my business.
Market Safety Nets
I need to hedge against currency fluctuations.
Financial Solutions


  • 401k Plans
  • Custom High Net Worth Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
  • Tax Advantaged Life Insurance
  • FDIC Cash Account Solutions
  • Mergers and Sales Capital Gain Solutions
  • Oil & Gas Tax Shelter
  • Captive Insurance
  • Buy/Sell and Key Person Insurance
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